Egypt hosts ITKF 2023 Master Course with huge success

Initial greeting for the start of the Master Course 2023 © ITKF

In addition to the Master Course, the Egyptian Karate Federation promoted  ITKF Africa Championship and the Egyptian Traditional Karate Championship with equal success.

By Paulo Pinto / Global Sports
October 29, 2023 / Curitiba (PR)

From the 11th to the 13th of September, the city of Cairo hosted ITKF Master Course, followed on the 14th and 15th by the African and Egyptian traditional karate championships.

Mr Ramy El Mekawy, ITKF Africa Chairman greets ITKF Chairman Gilberto Gaertner © ITKF

For eight days and in an unprecedented way, the International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF) transferred its headquarters to another country, planting its flag in Egypt. The delegation included the entity’s top management, made up of directors such as Gilberto Gaertner, chairman; Sadiomar Santos, general director; Rui Marçal, treasurer; and Eligio Contarelli and Justo Gomez, members of the Technical Committee.

ITKF Technical Committee explaining Dan’s new exam program © ITKF

In the opinion of the Organizing Committee, the agenda of technical activities was very intense and received strong support from members of ITKF Africa, bringing together more than 500 participants. The technical activities were divided into a Master Course, aimed at instructors and black belts, and a General Course, for practitioners above 2nd kyu; and were complemented with classes taught to children and beginners.

Kihon class taught by sensei Contarelli © ITKF

The competitions were also very successful. The African championship received representatives from Sudan, Tanzania, Congo, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Senegal and Benin, in addition to Egypt. The Egyptian championship had more than 1,300 athletes registered.

Kata class taught by sensei Gaertner © ITKF

The leaders highlighted the importance of the group of events for the technical development of traditional karate throughout the African continent and for the consolidation of the International Traditional Karate Federation as an institution to promote the practice of karate and the training of young people based on the educational principles of karate. Budo. They also highlighted the growing importance of traditional karate in Egypt and the African continent and ITKF’s commitment to disseminating the purposes of the sport created by shihan Hidetaka Nishiyama.

Kihon class © ITKF

Government support

In the opinion of the president of ITKF Africa and the Egyptian Traditional Karate Federation, Ramy El Mekawi, the organization of these major events was very important, as the Master Course alone brought together more than 300 instructors from the region, which will bear many fruits in the medium term. The director also highlighted that the visit of the Egyptian team, alongside representatives of African countries and the ITKF directors and technical committee, to the famous pyramids and the Sphinx became a historic fact, duly recorded in photos.

Kumite class taught by sensei Gomez © ITKF

“These incidents bring to light the memory of a powerful ancient civilization that contributed greatly to the advancement and development of humanity,” said El Mekawi. “ITKF Africa is experiencing a moment of expansion and strengthening due to the work of its entire team and the strong support of ITKF Executive Committee.”

Master Course © ITKF

Mr. Ramy also highlighted the importance of the meeting between ITKF executive and the Egyptian Minister of Sports and Youth, Dr. Ashrof Sobhi, as one of the highlights of the activities in Egypt. “This meeting sealed the solid partnership between the national federation, ITKF and the Egyptian government. ITKF traditional karate and its leaders, through the serious and hard work they do, have won broad support and respect from the Egyptian government.”

ITKF Directors Sadiomar Santos, Gilberto Gaertner and Rui Marçal © ITKF

Technical structure

In the opinion of the members of the ITKF Technical Committee, senseis Contarelli and Gomez, the courses were very productive, allowing us to see a significant evolution of the instructors and athletes who participated in them.

Meeting with Egypt’s Minister of Sports and Youth, Dr Ashrof Sobhi © ITKF

“The technical legacy that is being built with the adoption of the new exam program is fundamental to raising the technical level of the entire institution and was very well assimilated in this Master Course held in Egypt”, said Sensei Eligio.

Delivery of the ITKF polo t-shirt to the Egyptian Minister of Sports and Youth © ITKF

Sensei Justo Gomez highlighted the karate infrastructure in the country of pyramids and Pharaohs. “Egypt today has a solid technical committee, made up of a good number of senior instructors, who continue to study and improve, which makes it different in teaching the practice of traditional karate-do.”

Presenter of the meeting of ITKF, ETKF leaders and minister Dr Ashrof Sobhi © ITKF

The presence of ITKF directors, such as Sadiomar Santos and Rui Marçal, was also very significant, as both were able to carry out general registration and align administrative and financial actions and procedures between ITKF Africa, the Egyptian federation and ITKF. Meetings with the administrative director and treasurer of the Egyptian federation, General Gamal el-Tahlawy and Ali Sobhy respectively, were very productive.

The chairman of ITKF Mr Ramy, Mr Fawzy and the Minister of Sport and Youth of Egypt © ITKF

Sensei Gilberto Gaertner, chairman of ITKF, approved the activities carried out in Cairo. “Egypt today is one of the great forces of traditional karate on a global level, with an excellent technical and administrative team and is a great institutional partner of ITKF.”

ITKF technical committee in front of the Giza pyramids © ITKF

Gaertner emphasized that the Master Course was very productive. “The technical evolution can be seen by comparing this edition with the event held in 2021. And the same happened with the championships. The administrative-financial integration of ITKF directors with the directors of the Egyptian federation was also very important.”

Team from ITKF Global and ITKF Africa together with the Egyptian team in front of the ancient Sphinx of Giza © ITKF

According to ITKF chairman, the growth of the African Traditional Karate Federation was another important highlight for global ITKF. “The meeting with the Minister of Sports further strengthened the relationship and strong partnership between traditional karate and the government of Egypt. Finally, I am immensely grateful to Professor Ramy and his entire team for the excellent work they did and for the care and attention they gave to the ITKF staff throughout our stay in the country.”

ITKF technical committee next to the great Sphinx of Giza © ITKF

Positive review

The management of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) issued a note positively evaluating the events held in the city of Cairo during the 11th to 15th of September.

Training with children up to 12 years old © ITKF

The ITKF Master Course offered a fundamental opportunity for instructors and black belts to improve their skills and knowledge. The technical course offered an intense agenda that attracted more than 500 participants, demonstrating the region’s growing interest in the practice of traditional karate. Furthermore, the inclusion of courses aimed at children and beginners shows the commitment to involving young people from a young age, transmitting to them the values and principles of Budo.

Sensei Contarelli and Sensei Gamal © ITKF

Competitive activities also played an important role. The ITKF Africa Championship attracted competitors from different countries, reflecting the reach of this sport on the continent. The Egyptian Traditional Karate Championship, in turn, featured more than 1,300 local athletes, demonstrating the enthusiasm and passion for practicing karate in Egypt.

ITKF directors Sadiomar and Rui, deliver the results of the exams carried out during the Master Course to the directors of the Egyptian federation, Mr Ali and General Gamal © ITKF

This set of events played a crucial role in the technical development of traditional karate across Africa. Furthermore, it contributed to the consolidation of ITKF as an institution that promotes the practice of karate based on the educational principles of Budô. Training young people with these principles not only creates skilled athletes, but also responsible individuals committed to the ethical values of traditional karate, such as respect, discipline and perseverance.

ITKF leaders with Mr Ramy visiting monuments in old Cairo © ITKF

In summary, the Karate Championship in Egypt, with emphasis on ITKF 2023 Master Course, not only strengthened the presence of traditional karate in the region, but also promoted the principles of Budo and the training of young athletes, preparing a solid ground for the continued growth of traditional karate in Africa and around th32we world.

Tribute to ITKF Global, ITKF Africa and Egyptian Federation team © ITKF

Leaders from ITKF Global, ITKF Africa with leaders from Tanzania, Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria, Congo and Senegal © ITKF

The chairman of ITKF Africa pays tribute to the chairman of ITKF Global © ITKF