International Traditional Karate Federation partners with Kimyo International University

Implementation of the academic partnership between ITKF/TKU and Kimyo International University – KIUT. Agreement sealed between Professor Dr. Janpolat Kudaybergenov and the chairman of ITKF, Professor Dr. Gilberto Gaertner © ITKF/UBE

The agreement was signed in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, where ITKF held two important events, with significant participation from countries on the Asian continent.

By Paulo Pinto / Global Sports
October 31, 2023 / Curitiba (PR)

Continuing the ITKF 2023 Tour, from October 3rd to 7th,  International Traditional Karate Federation held two important events in Tashkent, Uzbekistan: the Master Course and the 2023 Asian World Cup. On that occasion, ITKF signed an academic partnership between Traditional Karate University (TKU) and Kimyo International University (KIUT) aiming to carry out the ITKF International Instructors Course and develop scientific research.

Signing of the partnership between the rector of KIUT and the chairman of ITKF during a press conference © ITKF/UBE

The partnership was signed by the chairman of ITKF Global, professor Gilberto Gaertner, and by the rector of KIUT, professor Janpolat Kudaybergenov. Present at the ceremony were the Deputy Minister of Sports of Uzbekistan, Olinjon Makhmudov; the director of the KIUT campus in Tashkent, professor Mashrab A. Berdikulov; the chairman of ITKF Asia/Oceania, doctor Ibrahim Albakr; the chairman of ITKF Uzbekistan, sensei Shukhrat Kushmuratov; representatives of the countries participating in the World Cup, local authorities and the members of the ITKF Technical Committee, senseis Eligio Contarelli and Justo Gomez.

Senseis Ibrahim Albakr, chairman of ITKF Asia/Oceania; Gilberto Gaertner, chairman of ITKF Global; and Shukhrat Kushmuratov, chiraman of ITKF Uzbekistan © ITKF/UBE

According to sensei Albakr, the agreement takes karate in Uzbekistan and Central Asia to another level. “The signing of the academic cooperation protocol between ITKF and Kimyio International University is an important and innovative milestone in the educational path established by traditional karate. It signifies the first step towards providing comprehensive training and education for teachers and coaches across Central Asia,” he said.

Authorities present at the signing ceremony of the partnership between ITKF/TKU and KIUT © ITKF/UBE

The Traditional Karate University (TKU) project will serve as a platform to share knowledge, conduct research and spread the rich heritage of traditional karate. Thanks to a holistic curriculum, covering theoretical knowledge, training and practical experience, it will expand the training of the next generation of karate practitioners and educators.

Chairman of ITKF explains the functioning of the Traditional Karate University to the Deputy Minister of Sports of Uzbekistan, Mr. Olijon Makhmudov © ITKF/UBE

“We extend our gratitude to everyone involved in making this collaboration a reality,” concluded sensei Albakr. “Their dedication, vision and unwavering commitment to the growth of traditional karate paved the way for this remarkable endeavor.”

Professor Mashrab and senseis Contarelli and Gomez © ITKF/UBE

In the opinion of the ITKF Global chairman, the partnership between ITKF Traditional Karate University and Kimyo International University represents a significant advance. “This was a significant step towards the beginning of academic partnerships aimed at training and improving instructors and developing scientific research focusing on the impacts of traditional karate practice on physical, emotional and cognitive aspects.”

Sensei Al Bakr explains how the World Cup works © ITKF/UBE

Sensei Gaertner also found the events in the city of Tashkent to be very well organized. “I thank sensei Shukhrat and his team and sensei Albakr for their work and dedication. Initiatives that will certainly strengthen the local federation and ITKF Asia/Oceania.”

Technical course © ITKF/UBE

The local Organizing Committee, headed by sensei Shukhrat, evaluated the events very positively. “For the first time a Master Course was held in Asia, which will contribute to notable technical growth at a regional level. The World Cup was also a great success and brought together more than 700 athletes from 12 countries, with three new member countries. I would like to thank the members of the Uzbekistan federation team, Kimyo International University, sensei Albakr, ITKF Asia/Oceania and ITKF Global, for their support and assistance in holding these events, which will certainly leverage and further strengthen the representation of the Traditional Karate Federation of Uzbekistan,” said sensei Shukhrat.

Sensei Gaertner opening the Masters Course © ITKF/UBE

The events

The ITKF Master Course took place from October 3rd to 5th and was taught by the ITKF Technical Committee. The course brought together around 50 instructors and began a process of integration and technical qualification of Asian countries. The members of the Technical Committee, senseis Eligio Contarelli and Justo Gomez, positively evaluated the course and pointed out the need for continued work aimed at gradually introducing the technical foundations and ethical-philosophical principles of traditional karate in the region.

Sensei Gomez starting the Oji Waza class on the Master Course © ITKF/UBE

After the Master Course, the ITKF World Cup was held on October 6th and 7th, with the participation of more than 700 athletes from 12 countries (Uzbekistan, Armenia, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine, Israel, Kazakhstan, India, Indonesia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan).

Sensei Contarelli explaining technical details in the Master Course © ITKF/UBE

In the opinion of the executive committee of the International Traditional Karate Federation, this was the first major ITKF event held in Asia and, in addition to good organization, the event had excellent infrastructure.

Master Course © ITKF/UBE

Senseis Albakr, Gomez, Gaertner and Contarelli with Professor Mashrab Berdikulov, director of KIUT © ITKF/UBE

Senseis Albakr and Gaertner with the Ambassador of Egypt, Ms. Amira Fahmy © ITKF/UBE

Children’s demonstration with traditional music from Uzbekistan at the Wolrd Cup opening ceremony © ITKF/UBE

Authorities at the opening ceremony of the World Cup © ITKF/UBE

Sensei Shukhraton, chairman of the Uzbekistan Federation © ITKF/UBE

Senseis Albakr, Gaertner and professor Mashrab with two members of the organizing committee in typical Uzbekistan clothing © ITKF/UBE

Directors from ITKF Global, ITKF Asia/Oceania, Uzbekistan, India, Armenia, Algeria and Kazakhstan, after a celebration dinner © ITKF/UBE

World Cup award details © ITKF/UBE